Hi, I am in the story called Taylor.It all started when I was in gym class. Everyone had went in two's but me.There was no one left to race against.

The hole class was shouting "I will race again" but mrs. Oliver screemed "NO" !

Then suddenley a shadow girl appeared.It had long hair and was totaly black. She was staring at me and mrs Oliver thinking she was a real girl said " you little girl race against Taylor for me dear." I was shocked "I don't even know her name," I said. Then the shadow girl started to talk "my name is Megan and I wouldn't mint raceing against Taylor.Now, who is Taylor." Mrs Oliver laughed and said " Taylor is the girl standing next to you." "Oh" said Megan. "well then, good to meet you," said Megan. Mrs Oliver got the stop watch ready and said "on your marks, get set, GO!" We both started to run. I was not worried at first because she is a shadow but then all of a sudden she skiped me I was running as fast as I could. She was a shadow and I knew that but I didn't know that she could fly I mean she was practikly flying! We got to the end of the race. I was exausted but Megan was not. She had won the race and had now disapeared into my shadow.