The strange letter

Once apon a time there was a girl called Hayley. Hayley has 2 sisters and 1 brother. It was coming up to christmas and there mum and dad had put a lock on there bedroom door so we could not see our christmas presents. "5 days till christmas," said Mason sneaking past our bedroom carying presents for us. When Mason went by we had to slam the door shut because we were rapping his present's. Later on that day the post came and Taylor rushed down the stairs and back up again with all the post in about 5 seconds. "the post is here and we each have a letter from gran and grandad," said Taylor. We all sorted the post and I had one letter , Taylor had one letter , Megan had one letter , Mason has two letters and mum and dad had a letter each. We all opend our letters. mum and dad had phone bills, Megan,Me and Taylor got christmas cards with a pound inside them and Mason got a card and a surprise. the next thing you know we here Mason shouting "girls get in here!" We went inside and one of Masons letters was a poster that had been folded about 50 times. The poster had a sentence on it and the ancient egypt hieroglyphics alphabet. "The sentence writen in hieroglyphics,"said Megan. "There is a sentance on it saying the sentance that is on this paper is the password to you'r mum and dad's bedroom," said Megan. "Mum and dad obiasly set this up but I still